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Questioning what is worth saving or not, Çöp(m)adam started as an experimental project in Ayvalık addressing  the issues of women’s employment in Turkey and the importance of recycling/re-using. çöp(m)adam aims to utilize waste in a creative, aesthetically and unique way.

çöp(m)adam items are produced from the packaging that would be or has been thrown away, by women who have never previously earned a salary. All the products are one-of-a-kind and signed by its producer.

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10th February 2015 by Tara

It has been said that people get along until an outside force tells them otherwise. For centuries, people have lived on this land side by side, getting along well enough for the most part.  In Ayvalik, there are different ethnic groups who live in the same neighbourhood and yet in our workshop, there are only Turkish women. Or at least there were only Turkish women until 2 years ago, when we had a few women who had moved here with their families, forced to leave their homes in the Southeast due to terrorism, the threat of the military, for economic opportunities -any or all of the above – came in to work with us.


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Winter Warmth

7th January 2015 by Tara

It’s been a while…There were some issues to sort out and we – I – am back in the saddle again. We continue with our work, happy with the energy in the workshop; we have good months and challenging ones when we wonder how we will make our payments, how we will pay our taxes, pay our ladies, pay our rent, but we have come this far so we keep going. Read more…

The Show Must Go On!

2nd February 2014 by Tara

In the 5 and a half years since we started çöp(m)adam, we have had more than 350 women working with us in different capacities. Some have stayed, and form a core group, that is comprised of an energy and dedication that I could not have envisioned. Others have moved on, for any number of reasons: they find the work to be too demanding, their children are jealous of their time being spent elsewhere, the husbands may insist that they stay at home, they find a full-time job elsewhere, they cannot abide by our make-an-appearance-at-the-workshop-at-least-once-a-week criteria, they are not used to meeting someone else’s criteria and so on. Read more…