çöp(m)adam’s empowerment by design is a new space, physically separate from (we’re talking 200 meters!) the çöp(m)adam workshop, but very much a part of it!

We have set up this design space for creativity so that people who are skilled in or interested in sustainable design can have the opportunity to work on ideas for themselves – and ideas for us. The space is currently being renovated so that 3 – 4 people will be able to work in the space at the same time, working off the synergy that comes from like minds being in the same physical surrounding, working towards a common purpose. Our residency’s are for one month, and are open to anyone who has skills we are after: graphic design, architecture, social work, media design or handcrafts, who consider themselves or aspire to become designers who are interested in ethical fashion, product design and sustainability.

We offer work space, access to our materials, supplies, tools and machines, lunch, accommodation (single room with private toilet/shower in a local pension), time to share and formulate ideas together, in a unique setting that is high on local character and happens to be on the Aegean Sea! We are happy to provide letters of invitation for visa or funding purposes to accepted applicants, as well as sign off on any internship requirements! If you are interested in joining us for the summer of 2016, please fill out the application below.

– accepting applications until 15th April 2016
– interviews: 15 to 30th April 2016
– notification and contracting period: 1 to 5 May 2016

Open call
Application form