Winter Warmth

It’s been a while…There were some issues to sort out and we – I – am back in the saddle again. We continue with our work, happy with the energy in the workshop; we have good months and challenging ones when we wonder how we will make our payments, how we will pay our taxes, pay our ladies, pay our rent, but we have come this far so we keep going.

As always, there is a lot to do. The past 6 months are testimony that our ladies keep the show running – there is still plenty for the boss-lady to do, but the office staff are the ones running the show.Winter is always a challenge for anyone whose livelihood depends on sales here in Ayvalik, as the crowds are gone and locals are inside, warm around their wood stoves or our in the olive orchards picking the tiny fruits so the rest of us can have our oil and our breakfast. I for one am not a fan of winter, yet am grateful for the change in seasons and the change of the rhythm of life and for the unexpected beauty that rewards one on early morning walks with the dogs. Across from our workshop is the stop for the village connection, the minibus that brings those who live in the outlying villages to town and back. We get visitors who wonder what we are doing, who want a glass of water, or who want to use our facilities. Today a woman came in to thank us for letting us use our facilities a few weeks ago. She was hesitant to come in as she knows there is a dog who often hangs out inside. As she entered, Zeyna did not even rear her head. It is said that animals and children are good judges of character and we will not argue with that. The woman told us of her life, of her husband who has Alzheimer’s, of her daughter-in-law who takes care of him while our visitor comes to town to do whatever it is she needs to do. She brought us almonds from her tree, fresh, delicious, ready for eating – once the shells are cracked. It is good to know that those who are not from around these parts feel welcome in our space; it is special when we are treated to human warmth and edible delicacies. We are about to embark on some changes and are working on some campaigns that have been suggested by those who carry them out in order to keep going; this is only possible because of the many people who believe in us.

We carry on, another season in the life of the garbage ladies.